Sunday, 22 November 2015

Email received

Received this today.

Dear Pastor Dave.

   'Thank You for your prayers concerning Freddie's health (we visited you by chance in early August whilst on holiday and left a request). Well it's really good news as your Tuesday prayers, our prayers, plus of course, the experimental viral research worked - the surgeon couldn't find any cancer so thank you God.  Freddie still has to have ongoing treatment so please keep us all in your prayers as its been a challenging time.  Thank you to the wonderful and inspiring people we met at your Church in early August - love and best wishes Freddie,Lizzie and Charlotte '

News from the Hodgsons in Spain

This week I met a family whose 79 year old dad committed suicide, all the training in the world doesn't prepare you for that. I was able to help them pastorally, they are returning to the UK. Much of our work in the Calahonda church is transient like that. We may never see them in our church but my prayer is through this situation they have time to think and maybe they will walk through the doors of a church back in the UK one day.

We have a Swedish man who has just been released from prison in Sweden for rape. He will be returning to Sweden next week but whilst with us he has been ministered to on so many levels, he will return to Sweden a changed man I believe. 

We recently met a pastor from the outer Hebrides, he is a Gaelic speaker. He was virtually having a breakdown. He spent 3 weeks with us and you could see the physical change in him. 

I'm realising that we don't always see long lasting fruit, sometimes the fruit is with us for a season only. We have to get beyond purely seeing our ministry as bums on seats and offerings. We are not running a business but we are following a calling into ministry. 

We should be known beyond our church. We need to pastor our parish, minister to people we may never see on a Sunday service. We may never see the true extent of our ministry and that's ok, we just need to minister wherever we go. 

Thank you for your support, your support releases us to be ministers to people who need Jesus in their lives,

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Answered prayer

Received this today.

Dear Pastor Dave.

   'Thank You for your prayers concerning Freddie's health (we visited you by chance in early August whilst on holiday and left a request). Well it's really good news as your Tuesday prayers, our prayers, plus of course, the experimental viral research worked - the surgeon couldn't find any cancer so thank you God.  Freddie still has to have ongoing treatment so please keep us all in your prayers as its been a challenging time.  Thank you to the wonderful and inspiring people we met at your Church in early August - love and best wishes Freddie,Lizzie and Charlotte '

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Feedback from a viewer

We received this message back from a lady watching a TV broadcast we were involved in. I gave a word knowledge on live TV. Praise God for what he is doing!!!

Thank you sweet brother for the word of knowledge you gave out on rev on ..just a minute. .cant go into details would take to long..I was down on my knees before the Lord.i was in a strong hold of fear that have held me for a while keeping me from moving forward. Not being able to go out much...well the enemys a lyer..I prayed to come out of the cell of free.....iv had deliverance so am aware....bless you again.(iv been a christian for 30rs yrs.....m

Monday, 17 August 2015

News from the Spanish mission field.

Dear friends and supporters. 

It has been very busy for us here in Spain of late. We have seen new people come into the church which has been great. Conversely we have seen some folks move back to the UK. 

I have felt Lord speak to me about the role for us as missionaries here. We live in a very transient part of the world, many folks come here for weeks or months at a time. Even those who live here permanently seem to have there eyes on a different final destination. 

Dan and Emilia, a couple who met at the Benalmádena church on one of our youth weekend, have now moved to Sweden. Emilia is Swedish and British, I married them at a ceremony in Sweden last summer. They felt Gods call for them to minister in Sweden. We pray that God will bless this new adventure.

A man visited us in Calahonda, at first I couldn't place his accent, he was a Gaelic speaker from Lewis. He now lives in the mainland in Inverness. He shared how he needed refreshing and how he was under pressure. Whilst with us he said he felt renewed again, filled with the Holy Spirit and given prophetic words to boot. He was reticent to share that he was a pastor who was stressed out, what a blessing for us to be able to help and serve a pastor from Inverness Scotland. 

These are two stories of many, God wants us to be an oasis where the word of God is preached and the love of God is shared. It doesn't always result with extra bums on pews, but that shouldn't detract from what the Lord is doing here. The fruit may blossom somewhere else, we will just rejoice that there is fruit in the first place. 

Please keep praying for us and supporting us in anyway you can.

Every blessing


Thursday, 25 June 2015

The state of Spain

The challenge in Spain is big one. Come and join us.
40 million inhabitants; around 150 thousand believers; 100 000 Jehovah’s Witnesses; approximately 400 000 Muslims and more than 7500 towns without an evangelical church.

In Spain there are 8095 towns and villages, of which 7540 do not have any evangelical church, which means there are only 555 towns and villages with an established evangelical witness. There are some expat churches ie our Elim churches on the costa del sol.

Since 1974 the changes in Spain have been incredible; from tyranny to freedom, from poverty to riches, from isolation to integration in the European Community, from religious intolerance to unbridled secularism. But freedom has not produced the turning to Christ that we expected. The only exception in the tremendous work of the Holy Spirit among the gypsy population: the “Filadelfia” church has multiplied to include one in every three gypsies. Over 60% of the Spanish evangelical church are gypsies!

More than 15 million people live in towns and villages where there is no evangelical church and have not had the opportunity to hear or see the gospel preached.
A Spiritual Vacuum.
There has been a rapid and uninterrupted increase of people who declare themselves to be unbelievers or indifferent to religion. At the same time, there has been in increase in the number of young people who claim to believe in Prophets, Messengers and Chosen Ones: 22% compared to 15% in 1995. Nowadays 33% of young people believe in horoscopes compared to 22% five years ago. According to the director of this study, we need to “be alert”. These percentages, Serrano believes, could be “the beginnings of something which could become a real problem, if destructive sects manage to achieve an undesirably high status.”

In Christian terms, Spain is commonly referred to as “hard ground” and firmly rooted in its Catholic beliefs. This makes them suspicious of anything new, however, this Catholicism is now largely in name only. Young people are disillusioned with the church and are moving away from that towards drugs, the occult and sects. Islam is stirring itself to find ways to fill this vacuum, and we need to stir ourselves with the gospel of Christ.

This Vacuum is being filled by:
Foreign sects. There are almost as many Jehovah’s Witnesses in Spain as evangelical believers. The Mormons are doubling their numbers every five years. It is estimated that there are more than 300 sects, 30 of them satanic.

Drugs. It is reckoned that there are more than 300 000 heroin and cocaine addicts, which has been an important factor in the AIDS epidemic. In 1992 there were 100 000 carriers of the virus and Spain has the highest percentage of sufferers of all the European countries. 
Heroin: - In 1999 the consumption of cocaine exceeded that of heroin for the first time according to the emergency services: out of 2141 people taken into hospital under the effects of narcotics, 1010 had taken cocaine or a mixture of cocaine and other substances, and 880 had taken heroin. In the previous year 1998 the statistics were 43.9% heroin and 37.26% cocaine.
Tobacco: - Spain has the highest rate of passive smoking of the 16 richest countries: 53%. The lowest rate is Uppsala in Sweden, which has only 2.5%. Spain is the largest importer of tobacco in Europe. Perhaps this is why it also has the most smokers and the highest number of smoking related deaths.
Sleeping tablets: - In the year 2000 the Spanish consumed more than 30 million sleeping tablets.

A large part of Spain was ruled by the Moors for over 700 years. The Muslims would like to win it back. There are groups of Spanish Islamic converts in Granada and Cordoba. Today there are about 650 000 Muslim immigrants, 50% of them from Morocco. They have a growth rate of 1000% over the last decade.

The challenge is a big one, but possible with our God.

Pray for us,  support us and join us.

Monday, 10 November 2014

News from the Hodgsons.

Dear friends, 

We had a great night at the youth alpha. Great conversations and building up relationships. Please pray for Clare, Rachel, Benji and Joe. Laura and Atem couldn't make it this week. Next Sunday we are going ten pin bowling. 

This Tuesday Naomi and I are hosting a pastors meal at our house, with pastors up and down the coast. Please pray that God blesses this time and that relationships can be built up. 

The Church helped a homeless couple today. We paid for food and pointed them in the direction of the polish consulate in Malaga. Thanks to Cathie and Matthew who helped them. 

December the 14th is our Carol service. 

May God bless you this week.

Pastor Dave

Monday, 3 November 2014

Exert from our latest church bulletin

A message from your pastor, 

Christmas is on the way and the goose is looking scared. I won't go on about Christmas too much just yet, as I will send a Christmas message around nearer the time. 

Welcome to our church, we love it here and we hope you will too!

September and October saw a busy period in our church, we looked at the five core values of our church. Can you remember them? We also started a Sunday school and crèche to which we are indebted to Cathie for her expertise and service (if you would like to serve in the Sunday school speak to me please). We also started a youth alpha course which is on every Sunday night at the vicarage between 7pm and 9.30pm, 6 young people are enrolled on that course, please pray for them. We are continuing to look at the end times in our Wednesday night bible study. A big well done to our money mini choir who took part in the recent festival alleluia in Fuengirola, you made us proud. 

We had our first Church meal together since I arrived, which coincided with Sonyas 90th birthday celebrations. Where the church blessed her with a gift and some flowers. Wow it's been a busy but worthwhile period. 

A big thank you to all those who serve in the Calahonda church, it doesn't go unnoticed and it's much appreciated by me and the rest of the church council. 

We are looking forward to some special services. Remembrance Sunday, our missions gift day with Steve Norman guest speaking and of course our Carol service in December.

Please keep on praying for all at the Calahonda a Church as we endeavour to tell all about who Jesus is and what he means to us.

May God richly bless you and yours in these coming months.

Rev. David J Hodgson

Monday, 20 October 2014

Youth Alpha starts

Last night we had 5 young people turn up for an alpha course in our house. Great discussions had and great pizza too. 

Monday, 13 October 2014

Praise God

Yesterday another young person gave there heart to the Lord. We have four young people who have become Christians over the summer altogether. We are now starting a youth alpha course next Sunday evening. Praise God for all he is doing here.